Terms and Conditions

General Definitions

Client – Any person which is using services of company and has booked a spot online or via phone call

Service – Any product or service that was carried out on behalf of Clients request.

Working Hours – Panorami office working hours are Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM excluding Bank holidays or any other days when office is closed.

Booking – Any work that is instructed from Client by filling in a Booking Form and Client has received confirmation email from SP.

Choice of photographer – It is a choice of photographer based on experience, personal taste, opinions and feelings regarding picking the images for clients.


Panorami is not required to undertake any appointments under any circumstances in which Panorami representatives feel threatened, unsafe or in danger in any way whatsoever.

Accepting and agreeing to Panorami terms and conditions, does not impose any obligation to place a specific amount of bookings. If Client decides to terminate business relationship with Panorami, there are no cancellation charges, but client remains responsible for work carried out and any invoice payments.

By using services of Panorami, the Client agrees to be legally bound by the following terms. 

Panorami is keeping the rights to amend any part of the service and/or pricing at their discretion in line with future market changes or updated legislation or deemed to be relevant by Panorami. In the event of any such changes, all existing customers will be notified either in writing or verbally of said changes before any additional services are booked.


  1. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and are subject to change at any time.
  2. Price agreements are non-contractual and are subject to change.


  1. A booking fee of £40 will be charged after the booking, to secure the time slot for Client. This booking will take precedence over any new bookings that are requested, if anyone requires a job at the same date and time it will be rejected.

Invoice for booking fee will be sent after the booking will be made and confirmed with the client.

  1. If the booking is cancelled at least 6 working hours prior to the appointment, the Client shall not incur any charges. If the booking is cancelled less than 6 working hours prior to the appointment, the Client shall be charged a £40 booking fee even if the job is re-booked or cancelled completely.
  2. Bookings are based on “first come, first served” basis – Panorami can advise the Client an availability over the phone but cannot hold any slots without booking the slot for Client.
  3. All bookings made outside of Panorami working hours will be charged an extra 40% of the total job cost. 
  4. All bookings are considered as booked only upon the Client receiving the confirmation email, not via the phone or through a verbal agreement. 
  5. When Client makes a booking for Panorami to meet a tenant at the property, it is Clients responsibility to inform the tenant.
  6. It is the Client’s responsibility to send Panorami clear instructions regarding all of the aspects which possibly can affect the work which will be carried such us: additional instructions if entry to property is not obvious. If any revisits shall occur because of incomplete, inaccurate instruction this will be at the Client’s expenses.
  7. It is the Client’s responsibility to arrange the access to the property and all requested areas and make sure that the property is ready for work to be carried out before booking any job with Panorami.
  8. If a Panorami has been delayed and cannot start the job for more than 30 minutes, due to the lack of access to the property or other circumstances beyond our control (ongoing construction work, cleaning in process or wrong property address etc.), the Client will be charged the booking fee and the booking will be cancelled.
  9. It is the Client’s responsibility to choose the right services for his needs. Panorami will explain and show examples of possible options of services for the client but shall not be responsible if the Client is unsatisfied with the results, if the wrong service has been chosen, whether Client can use it or not.   
  10. It is Panorami responsibility to deliver all the requested materials – nothing more and nothing less.

Photography, Floor Plans, and 3D virtual tours – Downloadable marketing materials.

  1. Panorami will archive all downloadable marketing materials provided to Client for 60 days from the time of the visit at the property. After this period, the retrieval of any downloadable marketing material will be charged at £20 per property where retrievable.


  1. Digital photographs will be made available via a download link or sent in email within 24 hours of Panorami visiting the property. Images will be in a JPEG file format.
  2. Panorami takes no responsibility if Client is dissatisfied with the end result due to weather conditions or any other conditions that are out of direct control, including parked cars in front of the house.
  3. If a digital item removal or photo manipulation is necessary or if the photoshoot is a half-day or full-day long, it might take more time to process.
  4. Standard editing shall include: exposure, window details, colour balance, lens correction, sky replacement for external images, sharpening, shadow and highlight adjustments.
  5. Edited images cannot be exchanged after the work is done but extra images can be requested for editing if available.
  6. Item digital removal is performed only by a special request; additional charges shall apply.
  7. Standard Images will be provided in the priority sequence listed if not otherwise stated in booking notes:

1st Reception, 2nd Kitchen, 3rd Largest Bedrooms, 4th Largest Bath or Shower rooms, 5th Other Images (As per booking notes or left to Photographer’s choice).

  1. If the requested number of images do not cover the whole property, it is left to Photographer’s choice if there are no notes provided with the booking.
  2. Where specific images are required, Client must provide specific notes or choose services that provide choice of images before editing.
  3. The Client can request to change the sequence and number of images per room, any specific angles and to order more images than in standard package (up to 15 images), writing this in the notes or choose a photo session.
  4. Client is responsible to request enough images for their needs and Panorami advice always to book few extra images to have a choice.
  5. Panorami cannot take any responsibility for Client not requesting the correct number of images.
  6. The Client is responsible to make sure the property is ready for photography or request Decluttering, that is an extra service to the Photography.
  7. When Decluttering is requested, it should be agreed by the Client with the Tenant, Landlord or any third party whose items are present at the property before booking.

Floor Plans

  1. All floor plans shall be emailed to the Client within 24 hours of Panorami visiting the property.
  2. Panorami strive to ensure the accuracy of our floor plans, however, measurements are approximations, our plans are for illustrative purposes only and should be viewed with this in mind.
  3. Panorami will not be held liable for any incorrect measurements and/or calculations. Garden measurements shall be shown in length and width only.
  4. All measurements and areas quoted are approximations whether a suitable disclaimer appears on the plan or not and Panorami cannot be held responsible for any error, omission or misstatement on the floor plan.
  5. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the supplied plan correctly represents the property. Panorami accepts no liability if the valuation of the property is based on the measurements of the plan drawn by Panorami.
  6. All floor plans supplied by Panorami are for layout guidance only, they are not drawn to scale unless stated. Windows and door openings are approximations. Whilst every care is taken in the preparation of floor plans, all dimensions, shapes and compass bearings should be checked by the Client and/or the Agent, and/or the Vendor, and/or the Landlord, and/or the Prospective Buyer before making any decisions reliant upon them.

3D Virtual Tours

  1. The Client will receive a 3D virtual tour in a link within 24 hours from the visit at the property. The link can be embedded in your website or shared in any social media and emails. The tour is not downloadable and requires hosting.
  2. The Client shall receive images, a small promo video and a 3D floor plan (room labels and measurements are not included), this information shall be available for download for 60 days from the visit at the property.
  3. If Client requires a 2D schematic floor plan with the dimensions provided, it should be requested while placing the booking, if requested after booking is completed Panorami cannot guarantee that all measurements from all areas will be included.
  4. Panorami will host the 3D virtual tour for 3 months, further hosting will be charged £20 per months. Before Deactivation of the 3D Virtual Tour, Panorami shall send an email with the end date of the hosting period to the same email from which the booking was placed.
  5. If the Client does not request to extend the hosting of the 3D Virtual Tour, it will be deleted, and the information will be lost.
  6. If it is possible to retrieve the model after the 3D Virtual tour is deleted, the Client can request to re-upload the 3D tour, a fee of £50 will apply for any single model. If not retrievable, the Client shall need to place a new booking and pay the full price.
  7. All virtual tours would be represented by www.spacephoto.co.uk if Client would like to replace this entry with their own information it will be at an extra charge.

General – Responsibilities/Liabilities

  1. Any service provided by Panorami should under no circumstances be used as a structural survey report, valuation or part of it.
  2. Whilst every care will be taken at the time of the appointment, Panorami do not accept responsibility for any accidental damage to the property, its contents, fixtures and fitting howsoever caused by the Panorami whilst undertaking the service.
  3. Any Panorami team member is unable to lift heavy or large items.
  4. Panorami will return keys with the keyholder or as per keyholders instructions even if the Client has requested to return the keys somewhere else unless permission from the keyholder is provided.
  5. If no instructions are provided regards key return Panorami will secure the property and retain them until instructed where to return them. Further charges may be incurred for Panorami time or postage costs.
  6. Client is responsible for all invoice payments to be made on time
  7. Panorami shall not incur any liability or penalty for any loss of actual or anticipated profits or savings, loss of business, loss of opportunity or for any special, indirect or consequential loss whether arising from a breach of these Conditions or negligence in performing the Services even if Panorami were advised of or knew of the likelihood of such loss occurring.
  8. In the event that the client give Panorami instructions which are followed in good faith and which turn out to be unlawful or result in an unlawful act or otherwise give rise to any other claim, Client will provide Panorami with full indemnity for all penalties, damages, costs and legal expenses whatsoever which may occur as the result of following the instructions.


  1. The Client will receive invoices via email, unless Panorami is otherwise instructed by the Client.
  2. The payment must be made within 28 days from the invoice receipt date.
  3. If the payments are not made on time, all discounts shall be removed from the Client’s invoices that are outstanding and Client shall pay the full price per services provided by company.
  4. After 28 days if the invoices are not paid on time, Panorami will stop taking any bookings and only bookings with prepayment will be accepted.
  5. If the payments have not been settled Panorami will then pursue legal action in order to recover the debt.
  6. This is an agreement between Panorami and the Client, it is the Client’s duty to pay for any work done on behalf of any Client’s request, regardless of whether the Client’s customers have settled their invoices or not or they have used the material or not.
  7. If Client has booked the job on behalf of any third party, it is still Clients responsibility to make payment for the invoice. Third party should book Panorami services independently.


  1. The Client will be given exclusive use of the material for all marketing purposes in connection with the Client’s real estate business only once all payments are cleared, except for communal areas, external images, view or development images or any other public spaces for an indefinite period.
  2. The use of Panorami material without the permission of Panorami, or without payment, will result in a breach of copyright. A charge of £750 will be charged for any breach of copyright, in addition to any administration and legal charges, as well as the original invoice fee.
  3. If the invoices are not fully settled, all materials should be deleted immediately, and Client has no rights to use or store this material in any form.
  4. Panorami retains the copyright of all images taken by Panorami.
  5. Panorami retains the right to use photos taken by Panorami for marketing purposes such as social media page, Website and other business related purposes.


  1. Any complaint about the services or invoices provided by Panorami must be notified by the client within 6 working days of the services being completed.
  2. The Client should make a formal complaint regarding Panorami services by contacting Panorami directly in writing, Panorami will then initiate the following procedure to resolve the Client’s complaint
  3. Investigation stage: Panorami will contact the Client at their convenience, if further information is required for Panorami to resolve the complaint.
  4. Stage 1: Panorami shall investigate the Client’s complaint fully and undertake all reasonable efforts to resolve it. If the complaint is not resolved to the Client’s satisfaction at this stage, it shall be escalated to the Senior Management.
  5. Stage 2: The Senior Management will consider the complaint and attempt to rectify the issue. If the complaint remains unresolved, Panorami will consider whether it is technically or economically feasible to resolve the issue and inform the Client of the Panorami decision.
  6. No further action: If the complaint has still not been resolved to the Client’s satisfaction, Panorami will inform the Client that no further action is to be taken and advise the Client of his rights under the Terms and Conditions. At this stage, the Client may wish to refer their issue to other instances such as Trading Standards.
  7. Panorami reserves right not to attend court of any disagreement between client and/or tenant.

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