What we can
offer for you?.

3D Virtual Tour – is a simulation of an existing space in your venue, created by latest camera Matterport Pro2 which takes videos as well as images in 4K quality in order to present the place in 360 degrees. It is just like being and seeing the location in real-time. 

This service will enable you to show all of your customers that your company is up to the speed with the latest technology on the market!! Furthermore, innovative touch on your website will definitely attract more people.

Mattertags – As an addition to the tour Panorami can also create for you points in the 3D model data and add descriptions of anything in the project. This makes spaces much more interesting for potential property buyers, remote stakeholders or global audiences.

Regular Photography – All of the property sellers would love to have perfect pictures of houses which they can provide for agencies such as: Zoopla or Rightmove. If so Panorami is here for you. Our new equipment as well as experience of staff members will allow us to get the most of your property.

Floor PlansWe are able to create the schematic and 3D floor plans of your property. In this way visualisation of the space will be much easier. Therefore, there is no need to look for another firm to come after your photographer. In Panorami we can do it for you while taking the pictures of your venue. The accuracy rate is from 1% to 2% of reality.

Dollhouse – Creating a magazine for your future customers is not easy, but Panorami can support you with creating a perfect view of the house as a dollhouse which is a top-down, external view of the entire artificial space allowing the designer to make global decisions about the compositions of properties.

Thinking of trialling a Matterport system or service? Create great-looking 3D virtual tours, 360 photos, print-ready photos, floor plans and VR experiences with this Matterport Pro 2 camera.

It’s easy to use, go onto the Matterport website and watch the videos.

You’ll need: 1. Camera 2. Compatible iPad (2014 onwards) 3. Sturdy Tripod 3kg+ 4. An online Matterport account to save the tours and edit them in short, do your research on the Matterport website.

Please be aware

You cannot create a tour without an online account with Matterport. You can either buy a hosting account and transfer the tours to it or use my account to try it with the option of transferring it later to an account you set up or allowing it to be deleted.

Note: some of the cheapest accounts with Matterport don’t always allow for editing so choose the right one and research on their website. If you host it with my own account, then I charge this: Hosting & processing for 1 month will cost £26 per tour or £40 a tour if your tour used more than 100 scans to build. *This includes access to the full editor to make changes to your own models.

For exported measured black and white floorplans I charge £40 and exported 3D points clouds are £70 (called Matterpaks). Please make sure you also see my compatible iPad and tripod for rental with it too, you’ll probably need them. I can rent one out to you.

Pricing for camera:

£60 a day

£256 a week

£753 a month 

Pricing for tripod:

5£ a day

26£ a week

£60 a month

Pricing for iPad:

£10 a day

£41 a week

£110 a month

If renting all together

£70 a day

£300 a week

£900 a month

(Not for sale and no delivery unless 2 weeks or more)

Convention Center

The Spa at Galgorm

Maida Vale Presidential Suite

Abbington Model Home

West Loop Condo

Piedmont Heights Clubroom

Construction Site

Mechanical Operations Room


Matterpak™ Bundle – is a set of assets that can be imported into third-party programs. It contains: Colorized point cloud (.XYZ), Reflected ceiling plan image, (.JPG) Multiple files if multiple floors , (.PDF) All floors in one file, High resolution floor plan image (This is NOT the Schematic Floor Plans.), (.JPG) Multiple files if multiple floors, (.PDF) All floors in one file, 3D mesh file (.OBJ),

2D Schematic Floor Plan – The production of black & white schematic floorplan accurate to 1 to 2% of reality. Floor plans are delivered in a ZIP file that includes both PNG and PDFs.

Google Street View Integration – As a google maps street view trusted agency, we can add your tour to your google maps business listing.

It will be accessible from google my business, google search, google maps and google