Mission Statement.

Panorami’s mission is to keep our clients as happy as possible due to creating breath taking pictures of venues in order to support our clients in selling, renting and showcasing their spaces. We emphasise on 3 important factors great delivery of services, competitive prices and incredible customer service while doing our job.

We are an expert in properties photography. We specialise in professional real estate photos, 3D walking tours, creating dollhouses for magazines, regular 2D photos and floor plans. Our main focus is on creating the best images for our customers which will make selling or buying property more straight forward.


Meet our team .


Andrzej Paszek is a Co-founder of Panorami. Andrzej is specialising in contacts with clients, negotiations and promotion of the company. Andrzej is always saying that he has started this venture with his business partner in order to quit their day jobs and do what will bring them joy while waking up every day. Property photography as well as managing own business has been a subject of his interest for very long time. At the end of the day in this industry they get to see many great venues and meet amazing people almost every day. Furthermore, capturing and preserving spaces so they can keep their greatness is their goal. Following these thoughts, in their venture they took regular photography as well as technology one step further. Panorami by cooperation with Matterport started specialising in 3D virtual tours. 3D walkthrough has enabled Panorami to offer new innovative way of presenting a space for people.

Kamil Belowski is a Co-founder of Panorami and art mastermind of the company. Due to his experience in photography, constructions and estate industry expectations of clients are always met. Kamil knows how to show the space to present exactly this for what people are looking. Kamil is dealing with most of our jobs out there. As mentioned, his experience gives him this what other people are missing as at the end of the day, we are talking about arts. For Kamil it is important that each job is done as perfectly as possible, as he is always saying that the most important is “Quality not Quantity”